spotyxbmc - Spotify in XBMC
Another alpha!

Alpha 014 is now released and available here:

Pre built versions for Ubuntu 32 and 64 bit as well as Windows are available.

Most notable is that the bug that rendered some albums unplayable after an XBMC restart is now fixed!

Read the README (available here: ) but if that doesn’t solve your problem you are very welcome to open a ticket over at GitHub or ask a question in the comments below.

And as a reminder: You are required to have a Spotify premium account to use spotyxbmc! (This can be purchased here:

Spotyxbmc, now for Linux and Windows

Today spotyxbmc alpha 012 was completed. Two things is more notable than others: Openspotify ( is now implemented, leading to the other thing, namely that spotyxbmc now works on Windows!

Precompiled binaries for Windows and Ubuntu 32-bit are available at

Source and diff is of course also available. Don’t wanna mess with GPL do we? ;)

To get things easy to handle please open tickets at GitHub ( for bug reporting. There are some known issues for both Windows and Ubuntu:

  • Sometimes the playback will not start.
  • Crashes sometimes occur during playback
  • Occasional buffer underrun leading to stopped playback

Hope you will enjoy it! Cheers!

Want to donate?

There have been some inquiries about how to donate to this project. For this, there is a button over at GitHub. No one seem to have tested it yet but it should work ;)

And regardless of donations: Thanks for the great support and appreciation you all have given!

A small article about the release of spotyxbmc. Nice to see some interest shown!

It’s alive!

Here you go people! Enjoy!

Spotyxbmc is now released!

The sources are on GitHub.

Precompiled binaries for both 32 and 64 bit systems are available as well.

Please note that you will need a premium Spotify account to use this and that you also need an application key if you are going to build from sources.

Tips, thanks and feedback are welcomed. Post it here or send it directly to David.

Hope you will enjoy this!


Hi all!

The last couple of days David has put a lot of effort into getting the basic functions into a stable state. And with great success, I might add. Spotyxbmc has now switched into the latest version of libspotify, 0.0.3 and after some initial testing it looks like it will build fine on both 32 and 64 bit systems.

David told me he did some (actually he said “alot”) head scratching and hair pulling trying to figure out why things segfaulted on him when he tested artist browing. As he is a humble man, he tried everything he could think of first thinking that it was something on his end of the rope, but the feeling that something was not right with the API slowly grew stronger. And after some inquiring Spotify confirmed that there is a bug in libspotify 0.0.3 making it impossible to browse all records from a certain artist. David has however worked around this and the function is working in spotyxbmc.

It would have been nice to post a video with sound but unfortunately we have not been able to get sound working in gtk-recordMyDesktop. I played around with it for the better part of an evening but without result. Any tips is appreciated.

About the release date we are still not making any promises but things are looking good and I don’t see any reason for this not being released in the very near future. Frustrating for some maybe, but we will not be more specific that this.

Really notable is the buzzing activity over at Noah Williamsson’s on GitHub ( He is apparently working hard to get his openspotify ready and audio playback is now implemented! Keep up the good work Noah!

Project update - some answers

When David started this project the goal was to get Spotify into XBMC via the libspotify API. The result was released as a teaser video a couple of days ago. Some people have however requested, on various forums, an implementation using another API, namely the libopenpotify ( based on despotify.

The project goal has therefore changed somewhat and is now to make the implementations on Linux and Windows as well as Mac systems. Although the libopenspotify is an excellent initiative it is not yet fully functional (e. g. you can not yet play an actual song from Spotify) and David will therefore prioritize to get the build based on libspotify ready for alpha release.

The work with spotxbmc is now taking some important steps towards the alpha release. The possibility to play your Spotify playlists is as of today implemented and David is now polishing the code for stability.

A working build for Windows is also reality (see the pictures posted below) and as soon as libopenspotify has implemented the feature of actually playing songs there will be an alpha release for Windows systems as well.

Some questions have risen about this project and we are inclined to try to clear some of the fog:

Q: Will Spotify in XBMC work with free Spotify accounts?

A: No. All use of applications using the libspotify or libopenspotify API:s demands a premium Spotify account. This is a decision taken by Spotify and is not something we can influence.

Q: The guitar seen in background in the teaser movie, have you done it yourselves?

A: No. It is included in the XBMC standard skin Confluence. It is nice thou.

Q: Is this legal?

A: It sure is. The libspotify API is released by Spotify and they have not showed any aggression towards the despotify code (upon which libopenspotify is based) other than demanding premium accounts from them using implementations built using libopenspotify.

Another screenshot from the Windows build showing album browsing.

Another screenshot from the Windows build showing album browsing.

A working build for Windows using the openspotify API is now completed. Also note that the possibility to play Spotify playlists is also implemented!

A working build for Windows using the openspotify API is now completed. Also note that the possibility to play Spotify playlists is also implemented!

This is the first teaser released for the spotxbmc project. It shows the basic ability to search and browse albums and play songs from a chosen album.